About Yours.co

Yours.co is a division of Millenniata, Inc., a company that has been innovating the data storage industry for decades. The company holds 11 patents, including the MDISC technology which protects Yours.co archives and is the world’s first archival disc to last up to 1,000 years. Yours.co technology is used by The White House, NASA, and The Department of Defense, in addition to the thousands of businesses and individuals that have yet to report a single disc failure.


The yours.co story starts with Barry Lunt.

In 2007. Barry had spent almost a decade designing circuits for IBM and making improvements in the world of data storage. One evening, Barry was transferring his digital photos from an old hard drive to a new one.

Knowing that the average lifespan of a hard drive is only 4-6 years, Barry knew there had to be a better way. A solution that was permanent and wouldn’t require buying a new hard drive every few years. As he set out to solve this problem, he realized that this was an issue that scientists had been trying to solve for several decades. Hard drives, flash drives, solid state drives, and virtually every data storage device loses data over time.

Knowing the importance and complexity of the issue, Barry called his friend Matthew Linford, a Stanford PhD in Chemistry. Together, they set out to crack the code.

After months of research and testing, Barry was hiking down a nine-mile canyon in Price, Utah. During the hike, his group came across petroglyphs, ancient drawings carved into rock.

They are created by chipping away the dark surface rock to reveal a light colored rock underneath. The pictures were permanently etched in stone. That’s when lightning struck (figuratively, thank goodness).

When Barry returned, he created a DVD with two, stone-like layers, much like the petroglyphs. They then used a laser burn through the darker top layer to reveal the light colored layer underneath, and, due to the contrast, information could be stored and read. The MDISC technology was born.

Since its origin, the technology has expanded and received industry-wide adoption by every PC and optical drive manufacturer. MDISCs now cover a wide spectrum of capacities and compatibility, ranging from 4.7 GB DVDs to 200 GB Blu-ray discs.

Yours.co is a continuation of the MDisc promise — affordable, permmanent data storage. We help you protect your most treasured digital memories and files by writing them to MDISCs so that you’ll always have a permanent, physical copy. You’ll experience the result of Barry and Matt’s vision.


At the heart of everything Yours.co creates, the mission remains the same: to protect and make digital memories last. And to make good on that promise, it all starts with the durability of the storage medium. Most traditional storage methods like hard drives, flash drives, and DVD/CDs write data into a dye layer that fades with time, eventually becoming corrupt and unusable. Instead the Yours.co’s MDISC technology engraves data into a patented rock-like layer that is resistant to extreme conditions of light, temperature and humidity – outlasting all other archival optical discs on the market. MDISCs are compatible in all DVD and Blu-ray optical drives.

Traditional backup data services use hard drives to store your files. In addition to the inferior dye-based technology that is susceptible to corruption, hard drives are also vulnerable to hacking, human error, hard drive failure, power outages, EMP blasts, and more. At Yours.co, we store your data offline where it is safe from these risks, and stored on something that lasts forever. That’s not just propaganda — that’s science.

Out of the millions of MDISCs that are in use around the world, there has never been a single reported disc failure. It has been awarded the ISO/IEC 10995 Data

Lifetime Certification and was thoroughly tested and validated by the US Department of Defense in longevity testing

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